Component chute – Type: TSR

The rough yet gentle one.

The SCHUMA TSR is used everywhere where parts are to be caught gently after being produced or processed. (e.g. during injection moulding of delicate parts or after polishing).
In addition, the mesh structure of the TSR prevents the dis- charge of oil or coolant from the processing machine to the greatest possible extent (liquids can penetrate through the mesh). The TSR is made of a wear resistant PET mesh and does not require maintenance. The dimensions of the frame can be up to approx. 800 x 800 mm and consists of alumini- um hollow pro les. Versions with larger dimensions are made with a coated steel frame. The external dimensions are manu- factured to the customer‘s requirements, so that, for example, the frame can be fastened in the injection moulding machine. Another variant is a frame with telescopic feet, this is then pla- ced in the ejection chute of the machine. The inclined infeed is determined by the three-sided fastening on the frame.

Technische Daten
Frame material
aluminium / steel
Chute material
PET mesh

Magnet holders.

Component chute without legs.

Adjustable telescopic legs.