Car through-flow system Type: TraSSy-Z-LÜs-B-HÜs-A

The individual powerful through-flow helper that rea- ches its destination exactly using its strong arms.

The SCHUMA car through-flow system TraSSy Z-LÜs-B-HÜs-A is designed to channel di erent containers through the system without having to lift them. Here the stack of containers are automatically restacked individually by two lifting arms and supplied to the customer‘s handling system for part proces- sing. A change in container is made by the customer‘s handling system after a pulse for the change is received.

The system is specially designed for customer-speci c containers and transport trolleys as well as the local conditions.

Technische Daten
Control system
Electrical connection
400V / 50Hz
Three-phase current geared motor
Aluminium groove profile / Welded steel

Light barrier with muting.

Filling position with centring.

Handling area.