Rotary table – Type: Oval

Filling on a running conveyor with the SCHUMA Sackoval.

Compactness with high capacity. The SCHUMA Sackoval provides this. The SCHUMA Sackoval is used for specific and automatic filling of bags and containers. Containers can be positioned using workpiece holders which are drawn over the oval using a pusher system. If a bags need to be lled, bag holders are tted to the workpiece holders in which the bags can be suspended. Using the control system integrated into the Oval, a container can be changed by counting the parts supplied or by setting a certain time. When counting,
a communication exchange takes place between the produc- tion machine and Oval. If a container has reached the predefined quantity, the Oval moves to the next container. The stop position is prede ned using a sensor.

Technische Daten
Control system
Electrical connection
400V / 50Hz
Spiroplan geared motor
CEE / Schuko
Aluminium – groove profile

Workpiece carrier with bag holders.

Filling by conveyer with Ionisation.