3-axle special stacking system

We let your containers oat in all three dimensions.

With the SCHUMA 3-axle special stacking systems, individual tasks can be accomplished like loading and unloading of di erent containers on pallets.The system concept can be individually adapted and expanded to your requirements. Thanks to its modular design, this system can be expanded by a detection system with bu er, a tipping out station, a container circulation system or a part supply in different versions. The system can also be realised with one or two pallet storing stations if needed. If this should not suffice, the system can be expanded with a SCHUMA roller conveyor or a SCHUMA chain conveyor.

Technische Daten
Control system
S7-1200 / S7-1500
Electrical connection
400V / 50Hz
Three-phase current geared / servomotor
Stop positions
Pallet storing stations
CEE / Schuko
Aluminium groove profile / Welded steel
Tipping out angle


Flexible energy chain.

Compressed-air components.