Separating attachment – Type: AS

Separating without diversions with our separating attachment – type: AS

With the SCHUMA conveyor, separating takes place directly on the conveyor. You save on space in comparison to stand-alone separators because it is attached to the Schuma conveyor. The separator is driven via the drive unit for the conveyor. Sorting is done according to the di erence in height between sprue and moulding. The mouldings and the sprue fall from the conveyor onto a stainless steel chute and are delivered to a screw roller. The smaller object slides through the gap, whereas the larger one is discharged at the side via the screw roller. If necessary, we manufacture the AS in a left or right discharge direction for you. The separating gap can be in nitely adjusted without tools within a few seconds. The AS can therefore be used with di erent parts to be separated. Loosening spikes built into the screw produce a snap-levering action that causes the parts to turn over and therefore to an ideal sorting process. You can, however, also remove them quickly if needed.

Technische Daten
Separating gap
3 – 110 mm
Loosening spike
3/4/5 depending on the roller length
500, 600 or 700 mm
approx. 390 mm
approx. 100 mm
Flight depth of the screws
standard 3, 6/8/11 when required
Height difference of parts
at least 1 – 2 mm

Spiked roller – type: ST.

Sorting roller – type: SR.

Separating attachment tted on the conveyor.