Rotary table – Type: DR

Autonomous work goes round and round!

Compactness with high capacity. The SCHUMA distribution chute provides these two things. The rotary table is used for automatic filling of cartons, containers or bags. The respective containers are lled using a SCHUMA conveyor. Using the control system integrated into the rotary table, a container change can take place by counting the parts supplied or by setting a certain time.
When counting, a communication exchange takes place between the production machine and rotary table. If a container has reached the prede ned quantity, the rotary table moves electromotively to the next container. The route can be coded at the edge of the table using in nitely adjustable cams.
The rotary table can also be equipped with two levels where required. This doubles the capacity in individual cases.

Technische Daten
Control system
Electrical connection
230V / 50Hz / 400V / 50Hz
Spiroplan geared motor
CEE / Schuko

Rotary table with levels.

Rotary table with bag holders.

Rotary table with distribution system.