Multi-Stacking-System – Type: BoSS-L / H

The tried and tested and untiring stacker for all heights and depths.

With the SCHUMA box stacking system type: BoSS-L/H, containers in the smallest spaces can be unstacked, filled and stacked up again automatically. Stackable containers are assigned as an empty pile, unstacked and moved into the filling position. After being filled, the containers are stacked again in the stacker. The BoSS-L/H with a loading belt conveyor (BoSS-Z) and a unloading conveyor belt (BoSS-A) can be expanded if necessary. This makes a higher capacity possible by providing several empty stacks as well as the bu ering of lled stacks.

PC-cover for clean room applications.

Control cabinet.

Integrated rollers for easy movement.