Pneumatic ap – Type: USK

Sorting of good and bad parts still in the machine shaft with the SCHUMA USK!

With the SCHUMA pneumatic flap, sorting takes place directly in the ejection chute of the injection moulding machine. Sorting takes place via a sliding plate that can pneumatically change the sliding direction forwards or backwards. Positioned in the ejec- tion chute, the USK receives a signal after every shot of the injection moulding machine about whether the shot is good or bad. If a signal for „shot bad“ occurs, the USK switches over and the reject parts slide in the other direction. If the signal drops, the pneumatic ap swings back to the initial position.

Technische Daten
Signal type
24 VDC
Loosening spike
6 bar
Material chute
Stainless steel

Integrated swivel plate.

Switchover via pneumatic cylinder.

Electrical pneumatic flap.